That was one hell of a wake up call. Apparently, it wasn’t a dream after all. Lechy’s mind just took him to a where he felt no pain.

This page and the next five that follow, were extremely difficult for me to write from an emotional standpoint. I ended up suffering from PTSD episodes, because of the memories I had to dredge up to be able to tell this portion of the story. Those who have followed me for a while, or know me personally, probably know of at least some of the incidents (including one that I was too much of a mess to tell Ram about.) I apologize to everyone else, because I don’t feel like going to that place again during this commentary.

It is my understanding that Ram found the experience of illustrating this set of pages to be extremely intense, and needed to meditate in order to get through it. Loki ended up assisting me with the art direction because, this scene proved more difficult than originally anticipated.

↓ Transcript
Frame 1
The filter changes back to reality and Lechy wakes up in the real world to a bullwhip lashing his already whip-marked and bloodied back painfully.

Sound effect:

Frame 2
Lechy screams as a man wearing loose pants, heavy boots and a tunic with a bear mask flogs him. Lechy is crouching on the ground.

Sound effect:

Frame 3
Lechy lifts his head and breaks into tears.