In lieu of commentary, we bring you Geek Equality Day!


United Webcomics on Google+ Presents: GEEK EQUALITY DAY

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↓ Transcript
Frame 1
Zoya leans over to take the order, which emphasizes her cleavage.

What would you big strong boys like to drink?

Frame 2
The collectively horny Irkutsk Hockey Team push the fangirls aside. Ugly remains shocked and almost seems disgusted. Dmitri’s expression becomes blank -- almost poker faced.

I would like cola and vodka.

Frame 3
The hockey team members are being as crass as possible.

Irkutsk Hockey Team

Frame 4
Dmitri’s stands, with his expression growing dangerous. Ugly Alex seems to know what’s coming, and the The Irkutsk Hockey Team seems to sense it was well.

Why is my girlfriend dressed like a slut?