Zoya is fifteen years old and doesn’t seem to have any skills or education whatsoever. Shlomo is offering her a job at his tavern because she is “pretty” and “has what it takes.”  Let’s hope his intentions are good. At this point, it could go either way. Stick around, because only time will tell.

↓ Transcript
Frame 1
Shlomo and Zoya are walking out on the hall wearing heavy coats, goggles and winter boots.

Zoya to Shlomo
Am I getting kicked out for being a horrible person?

Frame 2
Shlomo smiles at Zoya.

Shlomo to Zoya
I won’t let that happen, shiksa.

Frame 3

Shlomo to Zoya
You’re a pretty girl and you have what it takes to work at my tavern.

Frame 4
Zoya seems puzzled as she and Shlomo walk out the door.

You don’t mind that I beat up gypsies for money?