Click here for a special summer pin-up.

Click here for a special summer pin-up.

Hielope, the woman in Sasha’s head, is wearing a bikini top made out of live blind cave eels. In case you’re wondering what a blind cave eel is, here is a helpful link. Once you see these creatures of darkness, will understand why they are colored red on this page, rather than their normal pink. *Shudders*

United Webcomics Summer Swimsuit Special

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↓ Transcript
Someone is listening to me
Outside of my real family.
By speaking, I risk being betrayed:
Psychiatric wards and meds,
This isn't where I want my bed.
I ask the woman in my head,
Here's the message she relayed:

"Don't hide yourself from this one,
She listens but answers to none.
Reveal it, body of my soul,
Revel but don't share it all.
The time will come to come out,
For now there's no need to shout."

No more lies.