Well, it looks like Lord Sodom gets around, doesn’t he? Sasha understandably isn’t happy with this tentacled lovely or the intrusive questions. However, one has to wonder why our young miscreant is dancing to get to America. Is that even possible?

↓ Transcript
Frame 1
Sasha is dancing on an icy rock as Hielope watches on in her tentacled mermaid form. Sasha is wearing a polar bear suede folk dress and leather leggings with gray dog fur trim.

Hielope to Sasha
Do you think that powerful old priest still awaits you?

Frame 2
Sasha continues to dance as Hielope shifts forms to something more human and feminine.

Sasha to Hielope
Sodom’s magic is dirty. That demon can get his broken flesh elsewhere.

Frame 3
Hielope’s seaweeds, tentacles and red eels are gradually becoming a mermaid dress. Sasha expresses indignation as the dance continues.

Hielope to Sasha
Is that why you’re thinking of him?

Sasha to Hielope
It’s none of your business.

Frame 4

Sasha to Hielope
Now hush! The Reverend is summoning me for an adventure in America and I must dance my way there.