For being gay, Lechy sure knows how to turn a girl’s head.

Dima definitely owes Zoya an apology. Will she accept it? Or, will Zoya stick to her principles when it comes to douchebag men. Place your bets, because the answer comes arrives next week.

↓ Transcript
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Frame 1
Lechy is running out the door to the hall wearing trench coat, jeans and winter boots. He is carrying a backpack and a portfolio-type school bag. Zoya is coming home. She’s carrying a shopping bag with the clothes and stuff that she isn’t wearing. She is wearing her regular coat, but it’s open to reveal her vampy dress.

Frame 2
They greet each other, but Lechy continues running. He still manages to wave and say hello back, as Zoya heads towards the apartment.

Hello Lechy!

Hey Zo-Zo! Love the look, yo. Gotta go though!

Frame 3
Lechy runs down the hall with Zoya stopping to watch him as walks into the apartment. Dmitri is in the background, as a silhouette.


Frame 4
Zoya sees Dmitri in the apartment

I’m sorry about tonight.