Before I get into other things, I would like to extend an apology for all the glitches and issues the site had today, but some wonderful things happened over the week:

  1. We have a working Spanish Language archive again! I will be re-translating the pages to match the changes in the script. You can check it out here. It will update on an irregular schedule, depending on my availability.
  2. I have remodeled the Rasputin Catamite store.  It’s full of great new products for you to enjoy. I do plan to make a pretty storefront for it, and  my goal is to get that done by April 4th.  If I succeed, there will be a Grand Opening.
  3. If you have Comic Easel/ComicPress, you may find this tutorial that came out of some changes I made to the links page to be very helpful.
  4. I totally revamped the text-based chapter archive page, cleaned up dead links on old posts, updated the FAQ page, made some cosmetic changes to the site, and  improved site security with SSL.
  5. The mobile site has been completely revamped.

I hope you dig the changes. Now, it’s time for chapter related news.

The cover for MAN is a work in progress that Mandarr will be coloring later on. This chapter is unique in that it was partly a choose-your-own-story exercise where the Rasputin Catamite Facebook Fan Page community assisted. It turned out pretty cute. A mini-comic eBook will the available when the first story page appears.  This story will update on a weird schedule:

  • April Fool’s Day
  • April 4th
  • April 8th
  • Easter Day

Our schedule will go back to normal on April 13th, when RaspCat super-fan, Jessie Craig, takes over RaspCat with an awesome crossover.

↓ Transcript
Cover of Sasha as a girl, an androgynous boy, and a man.