(Contain spoilers galore, but it’s still interesting if you like Russian folk mythology.  Contest is over.)

For those of you playing along in the “Guess What the Hell Is Camello’s Ghost” contest in, a big one just showed up today, and it’s going to make most everyone who guessed incubus or seduction demon cry.  Why?  If you look at the big freaky monster on today’s episode, you will notice that he, or rather, it is missing something on the lower abdominal region of the body.  You really can’t be an incubus if you can’t perform the sinister slide or get your freak on.  Besides, you will notice that Ghost Camello doesn’t look like this:

The incubus can assume either a male of a female shape; sometimes he appears as a full-grown man, sometimes as a satyr; and if it is a woman who has been received as a witch, he generally assumes the form of a rank goat.” – Compendium Maleficarum (1608)

Camello is freaky looking, but he doesn’t have goat-like features, nor has he ever been a witch. He can look like a man, but he’s definitely not a satyr or anything resembling a goat in his altered state.  Also, upon further study of the Compendium Maleficarum, one will discover that although succubae and incubi have no inherent gender, they will always assume gender characteristics opposite of their victims.  The word “incubus” itself comes from the Latin “incubo” which means to “lie in,” “to inhabit” or “to sit and hatch.”  This implies that the main purpose of incubi and succubae is to make evil demon babies, so by necessity they have to play it straight.  That’s right, there is no such thing as gay incubi or succubae. Yeah, I know it sounds discriminatory, but demons are jerks that way.

Ghost Camello was apparently trying seduce Lucky earlier in the comic, but unlike Hielope, there’s nothing it could have done about the situation. So, why was Ghost Camello tormenting Lucky?  Aside from the obvious reason of Lucky being an arse, of course.  If you can answer this, you will be closer to figuring out the riddle.  If you want another clue, look at Camello’s physical appearance. He’s obviously in the middle of some weird transformation.


Clues Thus Far

  • Hielope is a rusalka, a type of water succuba that may or may not be evil.
  • Camello is not a rusalka, an incubus nor a succuba.
  • Camello’s ghost claims to be “retribution” and “the wrath of god.” His face is turning into that of a Lion. Camello has more than one head, wings with what appears to be eyes and no genitals.
  • Lucky believes that Ghost Camello is a guilt-induced hallucination.
  • Camello’s ghost has more power in his home, but is not restricted to his home.
  • Camello’s ghost tells Lucky that he is there to help, and asks him to admit that he is powerless over life.
  • Lucky is Roman Catholic and Spanish (Catalonian,) but kind of half-assed about it.
  • These characters live in a Slavic country.  Russia, to be precise.
  • Camello was a devout Christian who was very much anti-religion and anti-establishment; possibly an accidental neo-Bogomilist.
  • An unintentional clue about the true nature of Ghost Camello:
  • Loki Kaspari wrote these episodes where the truth about Ghost Camello will be revealed. It will drive your brain mad!
  • The metaphysics of the Velvet Rasputin World are as follows: There is only one true god and creator (that would be the art director/creator.) But, what characters believe is entirely up to them.
  • It’s May 30, 1991 in the comic.  This is very significant, because in one week it will be rusalka week.

Guesses So Far – Try Another One If You Wish

  • An an incubus or other form of seduction demon: This has been the most frequent answer, thus far.  This might be supported by the fact that Camello seems to be very jealous of the rusalka Lucky is sexing up.  Camello also seems to be very horny for his former lover. (Oh snap!)
  • Satan in disguise.
  • A guilt-induced hallucination.  Supported by the fact that Lucky is obviously feels guilty about a lot of things and actually seeks out help from Lechy to overcome it.
  • A royally pissed off house spirit.  Supported by this conversation.

Wanna guess?

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For more details, go here: http://barxotka.com/2011/06/06/contest-time-can-you-guess-the-true-nature-of-ghost-camello/