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Christmas Fantasy

3rd Apr 2021, 7:00 PM in The Second
Christmas Fantasy
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Frame 1
Tsar speaks as he arranges presents under the tree.

Tsar to Getter
My room is upstairs on the first door to the right. You can stay there. I’ll sleep on the couch.

Frame 2
Getter flashes a disarmingly sweet and almost timid smile.

Getter to Tsar
I knooow you dooon’t truuust wooomen, but it is myyy profeeessional opiiinion that you shooould nooot sleeeep on the cooouch.

Frame 3
Tsar seems simultaneously, flattered, embarrassed and pleasantly shocked. Getter is flirtatious

Tsar to Getter

Getter to Tsar
It might ruuuin the faaantasy of Grandfaaather Frooost fooor the chiiildren.

Frame 4
Tsar holds Getter’s hand. Both are gazing into each other’s eyes. Tsar is actually smiling.

Getter to Tsar
Besiiides, we could uuuse a faaantasy of a wiiinter looove, ourselves.
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Author Notes:

1st Apr 2021, 2:14 PM
This page seems sweet until you consider the sex worker dynamics involved here. Skip, if you would rather have a happy romantic fantasy and just enjoy this page on a surface level. If want to learn about sex work in the late Soviet Union, continue reading behind the cut.

Enter the incredibly depressing world of Soviet sex work.

- How elite escorts loophole their way out of committing a crime, avoid repeat engagements with creeps and create the illusion of sincere interest, is by choosing to grant consent to their clients after the companionship portion of the escort session. Since technically, Getter is on the clock, (albeit her actual client ditched her while leaving his assistant to finish the session,) the proposal she's making is probably almost instinctual. To end an escort session without an invitation for sex would basically mean that she no longer wants to deal with Tsar again. As it's very obvious, they want a friendship.

- Because Getter answers to Mikhail and she is marketed to an upscale clientele, she has to report on how whether she had sex in order to get tested for STIs and treated promptly, if need be. Prostitutes arrested in the Soviet Union during the late 80's, who were found to carry a sexually transmitted disease, would face enhanced penalties for the crime. Thus, although Getter could lie about whom she had sex with, she could not lie about having sex, as STI tests are often not all that much fun, but having a disease could cost her dearly.

- Since access to Getter is tightly controlled by Mikhail (her pimp) to ensure her health and performance, Tsar's best hope for any sort of relationship with her is to hope that he can indirectly hire Getter again through his boss, Kameron, since he likely can't afford her companionship.

- Most male sex workers in the Soviet worked using the barter system with local clientele. They had to be extremely selective about their clients, because of homophobic gangs specializing in baiting and assaulting gay sex workers, were rampant. The lucky ones that got paid in foreign currency, tended to be more like paid boyfriends for people requiring a discrete sexual outlet. In general, male prostitutes weren't as likely to solicit foreign tourists in hotels, as female prostitutes would, since gay sex alone could result in a minimum of five years in prison. As a result, in both types of male prostitution, the small client pool limited earning potential.

- By making Getter's work with a jerk like Kameron tolerable, and by convincing his boss that a female decoy partner (to hide his homosexuality) would be in his best interest, Tsar actually stands a chance of maintaining his relationship with Getter, until she ages out and is free from her obligations as a sex worker.

- Now, why couldn't Getter just quit working as Mikhail's secretary and do sex work for foreigners in hotels (as most sex workers did in the Soviet Union)? It doesn't seem like Tsar would mind, does it? Well, the sad fact of the matter is that in the Soviet Union, it was entirely possible to get arrested for "parasitism." This was the crime of being legitimately unemployed. A powerful mobster like Mikhail could make it very difficult for Getter to find legitimate work, should Mikhail disapprove of her decision to quit.

- As of 1987, prostitution became a prosecutable crime in the Soviet Union with exorbitant fines capable of wiping out an average worker's entire income for the month. Being unemployed and not "protected" by her pimp's rules would make Getter more vulnerable to arrest (and also abusive clients, since diplomatic escort protocol would no longer apply for independent hotel sex work.)

- As a sex worker himself, (at what level isn't actually mentioned in this comic, but high enough in the food chain to have serviced his boss,) Tsar must be at least vaguely aware of the protocol involved with diplomatic sex workers. Thus, there's a lot at stake depending on how Tsar answers this question.

Are you crying? I know I am.
4th Apr 2021, 12:41 PM
Its sweet of her to think of the kids, but... damn, her mind must have been going overtime trying to circumvent and navigate the written and unwritten rules in Soviet Sex Work before she struck out with the last suggestion...
4th Apr 2021, 5:18 PM
Exactly, especially since Mikhail normally would be vetting clients for her and I am pretty sure that he would not be at all pleased if he ever found out that she propositioned a high-risk nobody rather than the intended client. The whole situation is incredibly messy.
5th Apr 2021, 11:35 PM
*sprays with a water bottle* Down, girl.
6th Apr 2021, 11:55 AM
LOL!!! She probably could use one right now.