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19th May 2021, 7:00 PM in The Second
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Frame 1

Two hands are holding a record cover. On it, you see Kameron 5’10” (with both eyes still intact, but looking the same as the first scene;) Tsar 6’0”; A lanky guy with short-hair t-shirt and jeans 6’0”; A heavy-set woman with freckles wearing a full Hijab and modest sweatshirt and broom skirt 5’11, and at 6’6” a bear-like bearded man. They all look menacing, pissed-off and “metal.” The cover looks photocopied and is black and light green. There is a text-only logo above them with the band’s name.

Ugly Alex (Off-scene): It’s Kalorat!

Frame 2
Zoya is wearing white undershirt with boots and jeans. Sasha wears a fishnet shirt. Dmitri and Ugly Alex are wearing school uniforms, and Lechy is wearing a lab coat with shirt, tie and black slacks and nice shoes. The kids are smoking or drinking except for Lechy.

Zoya, Sasha, Dmitri, Ugly and Lechy are hanging out in a cramped bedroom with two bunk beds, looking at the record. Zoya seems disgusted. Lechy is looking horny and is releasing his tie. Sasha and Dmitri (who is also untying his tie) seem curious. They are all looking over Ugly’s shoulder who already has an undone tie is holding the album. Sasha’s hair is messier than before as he takes off his sweater.

Kalorat has a real record album?

Ew! They’re gyppos and black-assed-pigs.

I like the chick’s boobs.

I want to lose my virginity to Tsar.

Frame 3

Dude, you’re not a virgin, and I’m pretty sure Tsar Rasputin isn’t into boys. He’s a widower.

Frame 4

Ugly Alex rolls his eyes at the offended Lechy.

I’ve never had sex.

That’s not what I’ve heard.
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20th May 2021, 8:46 AM
Sounds like Kalorat has something for everyone... wonder how their music is? XD
20th May 2021, 9:30 AM
They sound like a Russian version of Colombian ultra metal band, Parabellum, with a female lead singer. Getter would likely not dig it.
20th May 2021, 9:54 PM
I mean, he's probably right. I'm also pretty sure Tsar probably isn't into boys. Men, on the other hand...
21st May 2021, 7:33 AM
Hold that thought... It will be important much later on.
27th May 2021, 6:32 AM
Just catching up on the last few updates. I love that he plays in a metal band nice job with the font and record cover. I know I’ve said this before but also nice job on the Russian prison tattoos very accurate and cool.
27th May 2021, 7:41 AM
Thank you very much. I actually read two books by Danzig Baldaev and researched the hell of a lot of photographs and cross-references on the internet to get that. I tried to be very careful about making sure that we stuck with tattoos from the period just prior to the thieves-in-law instituting the ban on new tattoos (specifically those for prison bitches) to prevent cops from using them to mark gang leaders and some political prisoners improperly. We also made sure to use boot and piss ink line art rather than anything with color (which came about in the '80s after illegal tattoo parlors started opening.) When I used to have Pinterest, I actually had an entire section devoted to tattoo research. Then I would go ahead and draw tattoo maps for Ram. As you can see, Ram did an absolutely job translating them into the art. I deal with the tattoos more on my other comic, I Have Problems, which is very different in style and tone, and delves more into Tsar's life.
27th May 2021, 7:42 AM
And with that long-winded, I forgot to mention that I based that cover on real life single color photocopy covers that I would often see in the DIY market.