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Life is easier when you're an athlete

29th May 2021, 7:00 PM in The Second
Life is easier when you're an athlete
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Frame 1
Zoya seems puzzled as Lechy hands Dmitri a red sweatshirt with a black pentagram on the front.

Why bother with sports?

Frame 2
Zoya stares at a now gothed-out and androgynous Sasha with ravenous lust as Dmitri talks. Sasha seems oblivious as he tunes his violin. Ugly Alex, now wearing a striped green and yellow sweater takes a drag from a cigarette. He is taking off his school pants and wearing briefs underneath.

Because, life is easier when you’re an athlete.

Frame 3
Zoya stops paying attention to Dmitri and fawns over Sasha. Sasha plays is violin as he speaks.

You’re delusional. Life is never easy.
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30th May 2021, 6:27 AM
Sasha got it pretty much right... life is never easy, just on different levels of difficulties...
30th May 2021, 7:37 AM
Agreed. We all have troubles.
31st May 2021, 8:07 PM
You're not wrong wrong, Sasha. But also, I can smell the bad emo poetry from here.
1st Jun 2021, 10:24 AM
If you recall, Sasha's first appearance consisted of bad emo lit.
2nd Jun 2021, 10:23 PM
Very true. Life is never easy. LIFE IS PAIN! Lol
2nd Jun 2021, 11:09 PM
Especially for this comic.