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GRAPHIC TORTURE: The Ritual Was Ruined

6th Nov 2021, 7:00 PM in The Second
GRAPHIC TORTURE: The Ritual Was Ruined
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Men in hooded robes and the flogger are looking down as Lechy cries. Each of the hooded men is holding a candle. Sodom is unlocking Lechy’s restraints. Lechy feet are shackled to the floor, wearing jeans, Converse sneakers, his flower-shaped inverted pentagram necklace and a collar around his neck. There is a circle of candles around him. They are inside the Refuge.


Frame 2
Sodom helps Lechy out of the room away as he bawls. Sodom is wearing a black robe with red equilateral crosses on either side of it.

Goooooods... I can’t do this anymore.

Frame 3
A single candle illuminates Lechy as Sodom tends to his wounds. Sodom no longer has a robe on, only his blue rabbit fursuit. His face is covered in shadows. Lechy hugs Sodom’s mask and speaks to it, rather than to Sodom directly.

Sodom to Lechy.
You ruined the ritual, catamite.

Lechy to Sodom
Please forgive me, but I feel too disgusting and too weak.
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Author Notes:

30th Oct 2021, 10:09 PM
Fun fact, this is actually based on a real Slavic religious ritual.
6th Nov 2021, 7:03 PM
So wait, this is a thing in real life? Might I ask the purpose is?
7th Nov 2021, 4:47 AM
Sure, it's technically a representation of a punishment for Priests of Veles (Volos) who break oaths or steal something. In fact, this ritual is even referenced in the earliest references to this deity. Here's a quote from Thoughtco that describes it perfectly: ‘The earliest reference to Veles is in the Rus-Byzantine Treaty of 971, in which the signers must swear by Veles' name. Violators of the treaty are warned of a menacing punishment: they will be killed by their own weapons and become "yellow as gold," which some scholars have interpreted as "cursed with a disease."’

The ritual reenacts that particular god's punishment prior to his annual rebirth feast in February. Traditionally, it would be done with the thieving oath-breaker's weapons, and it could be potentially fatal be it by the beating itself, or the infection thereafter. Modern practitioners of Rodnover do not tend to be this cruel, of course. In real life, the ritual tends to be more about flogging than anything else using weapons that would have been used to keep unruly cattle and attacking wolves in line. However, the folks pictured on this page, are not particularly nice, and would not be above being more traditional in the way they inflict as punishment.

The purpose of the ritual was to ensure the the rains would continue, as well as a punitive measure to ensure oaths were upheld. The modern version of the ritual is rarely lethal, but is very painful and it doesn't really hold back any blows.

As an interesting note, worship of Perun and of Veles didn't actually mix. Thus, even though Perun is supposed to be inflicting the punishment, in this case a fellow priest of the same order is doing the punishment, while wearing a bear mask. The bear mask represents one of the forms that this particular deity shapeshifts into as needed. You may notice that Lechy tends to wear green. This is not a coincidence. It's his rather covert way of pledging allegiance to his god and the guys of a snake or chimeric dragon, without drawing attention from the Soviet government.