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Sasha as Hero Gift Art For Melaredblu

21st Jan 2022, 11:59 PM in Guest Art
Sasha as Hero Gift Art For Melaredblu
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Sasha dressed as Hero, a pink magical boy with the frilliest outfit ever.
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Author Notes:

21st Jan 2022, 11:59 PM
Happy Rasputin Birthday Y'all! Today is the last day of my vacation and to celebrate, I am sharing a picture of Sasha dressed up as Melaredblu's Hero from The Refraction of Princess Chroma. If you dig comics about magical friends surviving traumatic events with really cute illustrations (which you probably do, since you are here,) do yourself a favor and check it out. See you next week with a brand new chapter of Raspcat!
22nd Jan 2022, 12:32 AM
I can't decide what I love more, the artwork or the totally on-point alt-text. Thank you, Vas! This was such a lovely surprise!
22nd Jan 2022, 1:02 AM
Glad you like it!