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Unpatriotic Leech

13th Apr 2022, 12:00 AM in Scarlet
Unpatriotic Leech
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Duck Duck cowers as the Principal addresses her. Sasha eyes widen.

Do you get treated like this all the time, Duck Duck?


Duck Duck
It’s better than when she beats me.

Foster mother
Who do you think you are, asking such personal questions, you Eskimo bitch?

The Foster mother’s face betrays the horror she feels about the situation she is facing as the Principal gives her a stern look.

I’m Chukchi actually, and also the Principal Director of the Educational Committee. You are staying here until the police arrives and arrests you for child abuse, you unpatriotic leech.
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13th Apr 2022, 1:37 AM
Yeah! Throw the book at her!
13th Apr 2022, 8:15 PM
13th Apr 2022, 11:31 AM
Now, talk about picking the wrong fight... this moma bear has claws!
13th Apr 2022, 8:15 PM
Yes she does.