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Steam Bath

27th Apr 2022, 12:00 AM in Scarlet
Steam Bath
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The warmly bundled principal is watching over Sasha and Duck enjoying themselves in a rusted, snow covered, unsafe, but still fun playground. The teenagers are wearing, boots, head scarves hooded coats, scarves that cover their mouths, and goggles. The Principal beams approvingly.


The girls stand in front of the Principal, who seems mortified by their request.

We’re cold.

Can we go to a steam bath?
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27th Apr 2022, 12:05 AM
It really is interesting to see how things change between the initial script in the transcript and the final result. Like, seeing how the artist decides to render certain things and bits of dialog that get dropped or moved around for the sake of timing or whatever. You don't always get to see this sort of behind-the-scenes stuff, y'know? I don't even have an artist partner, it's just me and I swear I've never once stuck 100% to the script on any given page.
27th Apr 2022, 3:01 AM
I gave Ram considerable editorial discretion. I trusted his storytelling and considered him a co-writer.