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Die Like A Man!

Die Like A Man!
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Frame 1

Zoya clenches boths fits and throws a tantrum.

Zoya Fuck!

Frame 2

Dmitri grabs Zoya by the arm and shakes his finger at her.

Frame 3

Dmitri and Zoya fight next to the burning and exploded garbage can.

Page 23

Frame 1

Zoya slaps Dmitri's horned hunting cap off his head.

Frame 2

Dmitri's hat is falling. He looks absolutely enraged. The dim and uneven lighting, fang-like teeth and blood makes him look like a demonic clown.

Frame 3

Dmitri grabs Zoya and glares with malicious intention. Zoya is stonefaced, defiant and betrays no fear.

Bad little boys like you deserve more than a kiss.

I’d rather die like a man, ‘cause you wouldn’t like my plumbing anyway, clown.
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