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Frame one:
Dmitri: [Dmitri is holding his left arm with his right hand. He's gnashing his teeth, which appear to be fangs. He seems annoyed.] I don't want to party, Ugly.

Frame two:
[Dmitri is standing in the same position but, his expression changes to one of irritated surprise. Ugly pitches a pair of blue jeans at Dmitri's head.]
Sound effect: * B O M *
Frame three:
[Dmitri, Ugly, and Lechy are wearing heavy coats and are unrecognizable. Dmitri is wearing an aviator cap with horns attached to them, in addition to a red scarf and a pair of goggles. Ugly Alex is wearing a gray scarf and goggles. Lechy is wearing a green cap and a green scarf but, his eyes are exposed and full of tears. They are walking in the middle of a snowstorm.]
Ugly Alex: Jesus, it’s cold. Now I don’t feel like partying?
Dmitri: Winter’s a bitch
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