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I Made You A Man

5th Oct 2012, 12:00 AM in Rasputin Catamite
I Made You A Man
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Dmitri is seated next to Zoya. Sodom redirects conversation to him before Zoya finishes her response.

Zoya: I am not a...

Sodom to Dmitri: Congratulations on your New Year’s Birthday, Dmitri. I am very sorry that the neo-Nazis ruined the celebration.

Dmitri giddily wraps his arm around Zoya as she eats another pancake and points with the other. She seems to be uncomfortable.

Dmitri to Sodom:

Bubble1: Ruined?
Bubble 2: This chick showed me her boobs and made me a man.

The men at the table drop their cutlery along with their jaws and direct their disbelieve gapes at Dmitri. The puzzlement is obvious.

Scene switches to Dmitri and Ugly on the floor. Ugly is angry. Dmitri is just irritated.

Ugly to Dmitri: I MADE YOU A MAN!
Dmitri to Ugly: No you made me your bitch, you dumb rapist jock.
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