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Don't Do It!

28th Dec 2012, 12:00 AM in Rasputin Catamite
Don't Do It!
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Suicide Bridge is the old Angarra River bridge. Since it is New Year’s Morning, it’s deserted. A depressed, doll-like and raven haired teenage girl in a closed red dress coat a la Jackie Kennedy, a head scarf, short black baby doll dress, white tights, white mittens and black boots is standing behind the safety railing and perilously holding onto it with one hand.

She is sobbing. The river is obviously frozen.


The kids are running towards the crying girl.

Sasha, Lechy, Dmitri and Ugly: Don’t do it!

Annoyed in an overly dramatic fashion

Suicidal Girl: For crying out loud, it’s New Year’s Morning. Go be hungover and full of breakfast while I kill myself in peace.
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