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Efficient Secretary

23rd Jan 2021, 7:00 PM in The Second
Efficient Secretary
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Frame 1
Mikhail is wearing his sunglasses and smoking. He is completely deadpan. His secretary, Getter is taking notes behind him.
Mihkail: Kameron Kori, why did you make me come to my office on New Year’s Day? It’s a national holiday, you know.
Kameron is clenching teeth and making claw-like gestures with his hand. He is yelling. His bodyguard, Tsar is standing around, cross-armed and looking bored out of his mind.
Frame 2
Kameron to Mikhail: You owe me crazy amounts of money, Mikhail.

Frame 3
Mikhail seems unimpressed, but Kameron seems more coy.
Mihkail to Kameron: Is that all?
Kameron to Mikhail: That and I need to vent about how my ex-boyfriend is a total asshole.

Frame 4
Mikhail massages the bridge of his nose.
Mikhail to Kameron:
I don’t want to hear about your nasty gay crap anymore.

Frame 5
Mikhail points towards Kameron as he turns towards Getter who is diligently typing. She seems a bit surprised and appalled
Mihkail to Getter:
Getter! Kameron needs to go out on a date with you.

Page 5
Kameron becomes enraged and replies with a scowl. Tsar tries not to laugh.
Frame 1
Kameron to Mikhail:
Mikhail, I don’t need a prostitute!

Frame 2
Getter is standing as Kameron has a hissy fit. Getter towers over Mikhail as he wraps his arm around her. She flashes a fake smile. She’s 6’3”, he’s 5’6”.

Mikhail to Kameron:
Getter is not a prostitute, Kameron. She’s an elegantly efficient secretary who loves getting expensive gifts from foreign dignitaries.

Frame 3

Mikhail gropes Getter’s arse.

Mikhail to Kameron and Getter:
If she has a tendency to become uninhibited on dates, it’s only because she loves pleasing men so much.

Frame 4

Back to the pose on Frame 2. Getter’s smile is even more strained now.

Mikhail to Getter:
Isn’t that right Getter?

Getter to Everyone:

Frame 5

Closeup to Tsar, he seems intrigued.

Tsar to Getter:
Excuse me Miss, are you Estonian?
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24th Jan 2021, 9:36 PM
She looks like she'd love to clock him one. And so would I.
24th Jan 2021, 10:36 PM
Mikhail is a dreadful jerk. I third that emotion.